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Committed to Excellence

Megawatt Capital was established by Mark Schneider, an experienced Renewable Energy Banker and Power Engineer.
For 11 years, Mark Schneider led Investec Bank’s Australian Power Investment business, a leading part of the firm’s international Project and Infrastructure Finance practice. 
Prior to joining Investec, Mark acted as the Global Merchant Power specialist in the Project Finance team of the National Australia Bank.
Mark established and led a successful proprietary electricity trading desk for Societe Generale, a capability that distinguished the project finance offering of Societe Generale from those of its competitors.
He played a role in the design of the National Electricity Market and the instruments for trading power.
Mark was a long-time member of the Participant Advisory Committee to the Board of NEMMCO.

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Amongst the major transactions Mark led during his stint at Investec are the following:

  1. The establishment of the Viridis Clean Energy Fund, culminating in its 2005 IPO.

  2. The establishment of Global Ethanol Inc and that company’s acquisition of a controlling interest in Midwest Grain Processors funded by an investment of US$100m provided by the Investec Group and its clients and staff in 2006.

  3. The launch of Investec’s proprietary activities in the development of wind power projects.

  4. The sale of a portfolio of 3 of Investec’s early stage wind power projects in NZ to Contact Energy in 2007.

  5. The sale of the Oaklands Hill and Coopers Gap Wind projects to AGL in 2008 generating a profit to the bank in excess of $14m.

  6. The development of the 206MW Collgar Wind Farm Project near Merredin in Western Australia by Investec and its sale to a consortium of institutions in 2010.

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